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Guide to Understanding Football Betting Odds by Type

Understanding what is on the football betting odds table is essential for bettors. Based on this, you can easily decide which odds to place your bet on. In the following article, the football betting odds site - Wintips will guide you on how to understand betting tips sure win in an easy and efficient way for the easiest play and quickest wins. Newcomers to betting should definitely not overlook this.

Basic Terminology in Football Betting

Currently, online betting sites often offer a variety of odds types such as Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under odds. Besides, there are corner odds, no goal odds, card odds... With attractive payout rates. Before placing a bet, we need to understand the symbols in the odds table. It includes information about the match such as:

The team named at the top is the home team, and the team at the bottom is the away team.

When both teams play on neutral ground, there will be an additional symbol "N."

The team marked in red is considered stronger by the bookmakers, while the other team is weaker. If both teams have black letters, it means they have equal strength.

For the first half and full match, bookmakers offer various types of odds such as handicap, over/under, and 1×2.

Understanding Asian Handicap Betting

This is a type of odds applied by Asian bookmakers for upcoming matches. It is also known as handicap betting. Asian bookmakers typically aim to create a balanced playing field for matches. They offer handicap odds suitable for the strength of the away and home teams. At this point, the favored team has to give a specific handicap to the underdog team.

According to experts, understanding Asian Handicap odds is more complex than other types of odds. It concerns both factors: which team wins or loses and the final score. Therefore, all new players need to study carefully before deciding to place a bet.

Viewing European Odds

In the odds table, European odds are represented by 1X2 format. This symbol represents 3 choices: draw, the first team wins, or the second team wins. Each outcome comes with a corresponding payout rate. In European odds, what you are most concerned about is which team loses, draws, or wins.

In European odds, players can choose from 3 options as follows:

1: Betting on the home team. You will win if the home team wins.

X: When you bet on this option, you will win if the match ends in a draw.

2: Betting on the away team. You will win if the away team wins.

What is a football tip? See now : what is an asian handicap bet

Viewing Asian Handicap football odds

Asian Handicap odds are no longer unfamiliar to many football betting enthusiasts in Vietnam. The way Asian Handicap bets work differs from the European market in that there is no option for a draw. You can only choose one of the two teams playing football to place your bet on. The odds for this type of bet represent the number of goals the stronger team will give to the weaker team.

Here are some types of bets within Asian Handicap odds that you need to know:

Draw No Bet (DNB):

In this type of bet, if the match result is a draw, you will get your money back regardless of which team you chose. If you correctly predict the winning team, the amount you receive will be calculated according to the predetermined odds.

0.25 Ball Handicap:

For this type of bet, the favorite team must give a quarter-ball handicap to the underdog. However, in the odds table, bookmakers typically do not specify a quarter-ball. They often write 0.0, +0.5 for the underdog and 0.0, -0.5 for the favorite. In the event of a draw, you will win half the bet if you chose the underdog and lose half the bet if you chose the favorite.

0.5 Ball Handicap:

In this 0.5 ball handicap, the favorite team is handicapped by half a goal against the underdog, meaning those who bet on the favorite lose if the match ends in a draw.

0.75 Ball Handicap:

In the odds table, bookmakers will indicate 0.5, 1.0 if the underdog is given a 0.75 ball handicap from the favorite team. If you choose the favorite team and they win by one goal more than the underdog, you will only win half the bet. You will only win the full bet if the favorite team wins by a margin of two goals or more. If you choose the underdog, it's the opposite.

1 Ball Handicap:

The underdog is given a one-goal handicap against the favorite team. This means if you choose the favorite and they win by only one goal, both sides of the bet will get their money back. You will only win the full bet if there is a margin of two or more goals between the teams.

Viewing Over/Under football odds

With this type of odds, you don't need to worry about which team wins or loses. Here are some types of Over/Under bets you need to know:

Over/Under 2 Goals: This means if the match result is two goals, bets are void. If you bet on Over and want to win, the result must be over three goals. If you bet on Under, the result must be less than two goals.

Over/Under 2, 2.5 Goals: If you bet on Over and the result is two goals, you lose half your stake, it must be over three goals to win the bet. If you bet on Under, you win half your stake if the result is two goals, and win the full bet if it's less than two goals.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals: Calculation is similar to the Over/Under 2, 2.5 goals.

Above is a detailed guide to viewing football odds, hope you have a better understanding betting tips vip app of betting odds for football. From there, choose the appropriate, accurate, and easy-to-win betting options for yourself. For more information on football and tips on predicting odds, be sure to visit the Wintips website regularly. With us, your football betting experience will surely reach new heights.


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